Moving to a new country is both a challenging and exciting adventure. For me, moving to Australia was way less of a culture shock than another country may have been - after all, we speak the same language, however it still takes time to settle in a new environment. I think I've been incredibly lucky to have settled quite so quickly - I don't have a huge friendship group yet, and I'm about to start a new job, but Melbourne still maintains an air of comfort - it doesn't feel alien to me. With that being said, I wanted to share some of my top tips for surviving in a new country, and most importantly making sure you settle as quickly and seamlessly as possible. 

01. Be Patient
Patience is a virtue right? Don't expect to adapt to your new environment immediately - it takes time! Sometimes it may feel like you're up against it - you'll feel lonely and probably feel like just grabbing your bags and heading back home more than a couple of times, but you'll soon learn to settle into the pace of things. Pack your patience, sense of humour, openness and a willingness to learn and you'll soon start to love your new home - and that's when the fun can really begin. 

02. Explore
When you first relocate to a new city, I'd recommend taking as much time to explore as you can - grab your camera and start with the neighbourhoods near where you live and then just keep walking. It's a great way to scope out what's near you: coffee shops, supermarkets, banks, parks etc - all things you're likely to want to use at some point, so it's always nice to know where those things are. I'm guilty of not doing this enough, and it's definitely something I intend to change, as meandering where your curiosity takes you is a great way to soak everything up and make the unfamiliar, feel more familiar. 

03. Research
I can't tell you how much I researched before I moved over to Melbourne - once I'd cemented the decision in my brain, I spent all of my spare time reading articles about Melbourne, moving abroad, how and what to pack - all of which really helped to keep my excitement high but also provided some handy tips along the way. Doing research before you move can really help to eliminate any pre-trip nerves. Online forums and rental sites can give you an idea of property price ranges and amenities in the areas you like and there are also normally Facebook groups for expats in your area - which can be a great opportunity to speak to people who've been there, done that and can give you a heap of advice. 

04. Say Yes
At first, say yes to everything. This is particularly important for people travelling solo - but is something I'd recommend to anyone. Go to that party, try that food you've never tasted, go for the weekend away with a new friend - it will help you meet people and prevent you feeling lonely. It's super important to keep an open mind. 

05. Stay In Touch
Staying in touch with your friends and family is so important when you move abroad. They are your network and can offer a huge amount of support and love, so it's important to work to find times to set up regular Skype calls, chat on WhatsApp etc - it's important to maintain that effort whether your move is permanent or even just temporary. A move shouldn't be a reason for isolation. 

06. Stop Comparing
Whilst it's natural to make some comparisons with your old life, it's fairly important to try and do this as little as possible - look forward not back! I'd also recommend trying not to refer to your 'old' country as 'back home'. Whilst London is my home - I was born there, I've found that I've settled much quicker by thinking of Melbourne as my current home and referring to London, as London. 

What are your top travel tips?