When we moved into our new apartment in Melbourne, one of the first things I wanted to do was get our master bedroom set up. Having a beautiful bedroom is always a priority wherever I live, because it's one of the places I go to relax and unwind.

As our bedroom is a really good size, I decided to buy a dressing table so that I'm able to have my own little space to get ready in the morning. I used to get ready in the bathroom or on my bedroom floor, so having one place to do my hair and makeup is pretty refreshing, and nothing pleases me much more than having everything I need within easy reach.

The table itself is from Office Works, but is pretty much identical to the Ikea MALM table. It has a glass surface which is perfect for wiping, and a large drawer which holds any additional bits and pieces I don't want out on display. Almost everything else on the table is from Kmart, which is a dream store for furniture and homeware out in Australia (similar, but arguably a bit better than Primark). I particularly love the hexagonal mirror and little storage drawers!

What do you think of this set up?