Ever since moving in with my green-fingered boyfriend, I've embraced being able to have a house full of thriving plants. I'm absolutely not the reason they're still alive, but I am slowly grasping an understanding of how to care for them.

Having plants around the home really helps to open up the space as well as making it feel like a fresher, brighter environment. I love to dot big leafy plants or small succulents on windowsills, tables and shelves to make a room look more finished. Best of all, I've (finally) learnt that keeping them alive isn't an impossible task - it's actually very easy. 

Most plants survive well with watering once a week and access to a light spot (not all love direct sunlight). Each weekend, we typically take all of our plants out onto our balcony and give them a big glug of water. They tend to stay out there all day (so they get a chance to feel the wind) and then come in just as the sun starts to set. If a plant ever starts to look a bit wilted, it's often just a case of finding a spot that suits it better - definitely nothing that Google can't advise you on. You'll soon find you start to recognise what each plant needs and when it gets thirsty, but if in doubt, reading up on the plants you have is definitely something I'd recommend to give you a head start in keeping them thriving. 

We have to be careful with our plants as there are lots that are poisonous to rabbits (and other animals), so we make sure to keep ours raised off the floor where the leaves can't be reached for a nibble. We picked up some gorgeous plant stands from Kmart for $6 each, but I know IKEA has similar. Most of our plants came from Bunnings (an Australian garden centre) however we have got many from IKEA which is a great place to stock up at a reasonable cost - buying plants can definitely get expensive! 

Having only been in our new home for 2 months, we're still very much at the beginning of our plant journey - I'm keen to add some hanging plants into the mix as I think it's an amazing look, and we'll then tackle filling our balcony up with good outdoor plants.

Do you have plants in your home? Are you green fingered?