As someone with IBS, I've learnt that what I eat directly reflects how I feel. The worse I eat, the more severe my symptoms, the better I eat the more controlled. A year or so ago, I took a food intolerance test which revealed that I was moderately intolerant to gluten. Whilst I cut it out for a period of time and did notice a mild change in my symptoms - it didn't identify as enough of a trigger for me to cut it out completely. That said, whilst I do still eat gluten - I'm mindful of how much, and how often.

Freedom Foods recently sent me two flavours of their new gluten free Crafted Blends Clusters to try - Pear, Almond and Vanilla Bean, and Pink Lady Apple & Pecan. These are incredibly moreish clusters of puffed rice, sunflower seeds, pepitas and buckwheat which make a delicious and versatile breakfast or snack option. As someone who works hard during the week and has very little time in the morning, having these clusters ready to grab at home or at my desk means I'm always sure I'll have something tasty to eat when I'm in a rush.

Freedom foods have done their best to keep the sugar content low in all of their products, however this isn't a breakfast I'd have every day because it's sugar content is still a little high for me. What I do like to do however, is mix a few tablespoons of the granola with some natural yoghurt and fresh berries to add some crunch but also make sure that I'm still keeping the nutritional value of the meal relatively high. These clusters would be perfect to use with my acai bowl recipe (here).

What's your favourite breakfast?