I had fairly grand plans for what I'd do with this blog when I landed in Australia, but in all honestly I think I naively underestimated how all-consuming uprooting your life, and moving abroad can be. Moving country, house and starting a new job are all considered 'life stressors' so to do them all in a matter of weeks has been pretty overwhelming. That said, life is pretty great.

Melbourne is beautiful. It's fast paced yet slow, loud yet peaceful - with a whole host of things to do. It's likeness to San Francisco meant I almost instantly felt settled, and whilst I've had a couple of mini wobbles since I arrived, I generally feel really happy here. I'm on an adventure with my best friend and for that I feel very lucky.

The big news is that we adopted a bunny. Billie Jean is a cage free, lop eared bunny with a dreamy personality. He's fully litter trained, roams the house as he pleases, and brings me joy every single day. He's as low maintenance as a cat, but arguably a bit friendlier and is just the perfect addition to our clan. He's also on Instagram and would be delighted if you followed him for a daily dose of cuteness.

Since getting Billie, I've reunited my love for photography - so hopefully this inspires me to be a little more proactive with taking my camera out on our adventures. We're hoping to buy some bikes this weekend to explore a local trail nearby and I fully intend to take my camera along and start really doing justice to the plans I had to document my time down under.

Chat soon!