It's alarming to type, but 2017 is already a third over. Only a few months ago it was New Year's Eve and we were toasting to 2017 and now we're summer planning. Our hours and days seem to drag on, yet each year seems to fly past faster and faster.

At the start of every new year, it's customary to set a list of (often unachievable) resolutions, that we'll likely forget after a few weeks. January is widely accepted as the month to start again, to reset your life and make the changes you've always wanted to make. Those of us who have failed resolutions behind us, often feel like we've missed our chance for redemption because we've already 'messed up the year' and that it's too late to start again. But why? It should be OK to reset your life at any point.

Having turned 30 earlier this month, and being only 10 days away from moving to a whole new country, I feel like I'm a living example of the mid-year reset. What better opportunity than a new country, new job and new friends (hopefully) to kickstart me into focusing on the areas and passions I've always wanted to.

Whether you're in a similar situation to me, or maybe 2017 just didn't get off to the start you wanted - don't be afraid to start again, whenever you want. Wipe the slate clean and make the changes you want to make, without the "new year, new you" pressure.

In Melbourne, I'm excited to embrace a more outdoor focused life. Living in London for 7 years had me feeling like I was stuck in a bit of a rut. Whilst I've travelled a lot over the last few years, my ability to explore my own city had run stale and it meant my weekends could often be a little uninspired. I'm excited to explore my new city through eager eyes, I want to really absorb as much of it as I can - and in my plight to settle in and meet new people, I have no doubt that I'll spend much of my days exploring the city with my boyfriend and sharing many of our adventures on my blog (and Instagram).

Whether you pack up and move abroad like me, or simply decide to make some small changes you've always wanted to make (or attempted to make earlier this year) don't be afraid to go for it. The right time is whenever you decide it to be.

Have you ever had a mid-year reset?