For me, April is up there as one of my favourite months of the year, unashamedly because it's my birthday month. April 2017 in particular is extra special as I turned 30 only two days ago and when you turn 30 you are entitled to a long and drawn out celebration.

April is also a bitter sweet month for me this year, as it's my last full month in the UK before I set off to Melbourne. Time is literally flying, I only have 15 days left at work (thanks to the bank holidays) and I'm booking time in with friends and family to say goodbye before I set off on my new adventure. I'm so excited to move, but I can't help but feel sad about all the lovely people I'm leaving behind.

With that said, April will be a busy month for me. I am going on a hot air balloon ride over the Easter weekend with my boyfriend which I've never done before and am suitably excited/terrified about. I have gatherings, leaving drinks and dinners to attend and with my last few weeks, I'll be putting all that I've learnt from watching every packing video on YouTube to good use, and squeezing my life into one measly suitcase.

Aside from my UK plans, I've also been organising my life down under - by having job interviews, looking for houses to rent and making plans for the first few weeks I'm there. It's pretty overwhelming stuff and hard to know where to start sometimes, but I've got the best partner in crime to help and even the stressful times are laced with sheer excitement!

I've never really done a monthly update style post before, but as Tea Party With Alice has taken on a new direction, it's something I like the idea of sticking to - let's see how I get on!

What are your Easter plans?