When I first started writing Tea Party With Alice over four years ago, it's main focus was always to be a beauty blog. Despite lacing these pages with the occasional travel or fashion post, I never really wavered from this theme. When I won Highly Commended for Beauty in the Cosmopolitan Blog Awards in 2015, I figured that beauty blogging was my strength, but over the last year I've written less and less regularly on these pages.

What I've come to realise is that I've fallen out of love with beauty blogging. I've grown up and changed a lot since I first began this blog, so it's natural that my blog has started to change too. Whilst I still appreciate the wonders of a good foundation, it's not what I want to be writing about anymore.

I want this blog to document my move abroad, both as a personal journal for family and friends to follow what I'm up to, but also as a guide for others looking to do a move. I want to feature more travel and lifestyle content, more interior and even more fashion posts. Maybe a beauty product will woo me enough to write about it at some point, but for now I've waving farewell to beauty and focusing on the things that really interest me.

My love for this blog continues to grow and I'm so excited to write in Australia and bring you some fresh, exciting new content. I hope you'll continue to stick around and follow my journey!