In just under a month (24 days to be exact) I'll be hitting a major life milestone: turning 30. Despite societal pressure dictating that I probably should have crossed a few things off my list by now (hello marriage and babies) I'm feeling excited to step into this new stage of life.

My 20s have been wonderful - a time where I was able to recognise the steepest growth changes in myself and also the years where I learnt to be comfortable with who I am as a person. Like everyone, I had ups and downs - but I'm lucky to be leaving my 20s behind to head into an adventure with a full heart and zero trepidation.

Entering a new decade feels like the equivalent of hitting the reset button, the opportunity to literally spend the next 10 years starting afresh. I've never been great with new years resolutions, but new decade resolutions - maybe that's something I'll manage. My 30s are the years I hope to have children, get married and grow up (properly grow up), so I want them to be the years where I really cherish myself. As I enter my third decade, I've chosen 3 things I want to focus on:

Moving to Australia a month after I turn 30 is a great way to kick this off. I hope to continue exploring the world, taking every opportunity to experience something new and never feeling like I've lived a life of missed chances.

Take Care of Myself
I've got pretty good at this over the last year or so (better late than never) and want to continue looking after myself as best I can. I'm hoping to be struck by the health bug in Australia so that I can continue to cherish my body and get it the best it can be. I might still easily pass for a 23 year old, but when I skimp on sleep or have two drinks and wake up with a hangover, it's abundantly clear I'm 30.

Don't Settle for Mediocrity
Because we all deserve every happiness this world has to offer us.

If you're turning 30 this year too then here's to this being the best decade yet! Remember: don't freak out about all the brilliant people who have accomplished more than us already, we'll get there too.