2017 is not just the year I turn 30, but also my seventh year as a Londoner. To say that time has flown would be an understatement, but in reality I've been talking about leaving London for the longest time. I love London, it will always be where I'm from, but right now it's not the place for me to be.

In three months I'll be moving to a country I've never visited, to live in a city where I have almost no friends. I'll be putting my life in two suitcases and leaving the only country I've ever really known to go on a crazy adventure, to Australia.

I almost can't express how excited I am, but I'm scared too. Leaving your job, friends, family and home behind to head into the unknown is pretty daunting but I honestly feel like the stars have aligned for me and I'm heading there with a hopeful heart.

I'll be heading out on a Working Holiday Visa and will be living in Melbourne. Whilst I do want to travel whilst I'm there, I'm primarily going to experience life in a new city and not to be a back packer, so I'll be looking to get a job in my current industry and putting my roots down in Melbourne. I'm lucky to be heading out there with my wonderful boyfriend so I won't be alone and will have someone there to hold my hand, show me the ropes and get rid of the spiders.

My blog is likely to change quite a bit (for a start I'll be losing all my PR connections), but in all honestly I feel like a change is due anyway. I'm sure it's not gone unnoticed that my content is sporadic at the best of times, I'm just not as inspired as I used to be. I'd love to blog my journey out to Australia - from getting ready for a move abroad to life as an expat - as well as creating more fashion, interior and lifestyle content.

So now that the news is out there, there will no doubt be some more Australia related content as I edge closer to moving day (May 2017). If you've lived in Australia, done a move abroad or have any advice for me - I'd love to hear from you!