Hay Bullet Pen // Cashmere Socks // Frends Layla Rose Gold Headphones // Liberty Print Eye Mask // Cabeau Travel Neck Pillow // Anya Hindmarch Travel Bag // Calvin Klein Sweatshirt // Miu Miu Sunglasses // Kate Spade Passport Cover // Aesop Travel Essentials

As I'm not the world's best flyer, being prepared for my fast-approaching 24 hour flight to Melbourne is super important for me. Having done a fair amount of long distance travelling before, I'm fairly well versed on what essentials I need to get me through the journey, but the longest flight I've ever done is 13 hours - so the jump to 24 is likely to be tough. Having everything in my carry on to make sure I'm comfortable and entertained is a priority, so I thought I'd share the items I'd love to add to my collection (if time and money would allow)!

Hay Bullet Pen - £5
This may seem a strange one, but I can't tell you how many times I've been on a flight before and needed a pen. Travelling anywhere outside of Europe requires a Landing card to be filled in - and in my experience, air hostesses are understandably unable to provide one for everybody onboard. As a result, I've come to learn that having a pen in my hand luggage is essential to make sure I'm prepared and can easily go through customs when I land. 

The White Company Cashmere Socks - £35
Being comfortable on the plane is my main priority for long distance flights, so as soon as I get on the plane I like to take my shoes off and put on some soft, cosy socks and settle in. These socks from The White Company looks perfect for the job as they are made from 100% cashmere. 

Frends Layla Leather & Rose Gold Headphones - £128.25
I've always toyed with the idea of buying these headphones and now I've got a huge flight ahead of me I think they'd be the perfect companion on board. They're great for both in-flight entertainment, but also for helping to block out some of the noise when I'm trying to get some sleep. 

Liberty Print Eye Mask* - £16.95
This is a bit of a cheat entry as I already own a Liberty print eye mask and swear by it. I sleep with one nearly every night and they truly make a world of difference in helping me get to sleep faster and allowing me to sleep longer (particularly at the weekend). Having an eye mask on board is therefore a must-have to help me get some sleep, but also is the perfect way to signal to air hostesses and other passengers that you're not to be disturbed. 

Cabeau Travel Neck Pillow - £100
Sadly I did not inherit my father's ability to sleep anywhere (a trait my boyfriend also has) - I'm much more likely to struggle to get to sleep on the plane, and it's actually causing me a little bit of worry ahead of the journey. I'm going to load up on medicine to make me drowsy, but it's also important that I am comfortable enough to actually fall asleep. After lots of research, I've decided to invest in this Cabeau Memory Foam Neck Pillow - it's had a huge amount of positive reviews due to it's unique shape and the amount of support it provides. Whilst it's a lot more expensive than standard neck pillows - if it means I can actually get some rest, it's definitely worth the money. 

Anya Hindmarch In-flight Travel Case - £175
This cosmetic case was specifically designed to use with carry-on luggage with the intention that passengers shouldn't have to remove their cosmetics from this to pass through security. Obviously every airport and airline has different regulations so this isn't guaranteed, but for me it's still a great travel investment and something I've coveted for ages. The case comes with two zipped compartments - one for all those essentials to keep you feeling comfortable on take-off, and one for all the little touches when you arrive. 

Calvin Klein Sweatshirt - £91
As mentioned already, being cosy is my number one priority on board. When you're in the air for so long, being stylish goes out of the window - I just want to be wearing non-restrictive clothing that will allow me to move about the aeroplane and sleep easily. This over sized Calvin Klein sweatshirt is the perfect 'pyjama chic' look. 

Miu Miu Round Sunglasses - £358
Not so much to wear on the flight, but when I step off the plane in Melbourne I will likely look pretty haggard. I'd love to think that I'd be walking into blistering sunshine, but in Melbourne that's not likely (it will be similar to Autumn there in May) - so these will merely be used to disguise my exhausted face as much as possible. Naturally, they'll come in useful though as the weather picks up over there!

Kate Spade Passport Cover - £78
This really isn't an essential as passport covers do tend to get in the way and aren't loved by customs, but Kate Spade do such pretty covers that I couldn't help but add one to my wish list!

Aesop 'London' Travel Essentials - £50
My sister has this set and I've been jealous of it ever since. Aesop is a gorgeous brand and this set is made for any frequent travellers. It's full to the brim with mini essentials from shampoo to mouthwash. The case is the ideal size to reuse for any sort of travelling - be it long haul or mini breaks. 

What are your in-flight essentials and top tips for long haul flights?