Whilst I love this time of year, it can be difficult to wave goodbye to summer. Endless sunshine, carefree days and time spent outside is sorely missed when you're confronted with freezing cold temperatures. However, every season is rich in tradition meaning there's always something to embrace. 

1 // Go Outside

Chances are, wherever you walk you'll have an opportunity to admire Autumn's splendour - from the fiery colours of the foliage to the frost on the ground. It's also the perfect time to channel your artistic side by grabbing your camera and snapping some photos of the changing leaves or misty morning air.

2 // Scent Up

There's nothing better than the smells of cinnamon, pumpkin spice and apples wafting through your home. There are a plethora of beautifully Autumnal scented candles around, many of which can be picked up at a reasonable cost so changing seasons doesn't need to cost an arm and a leg. However, another easy way to fill your home with sweet smells is to fill a pot with water, throw in some cloves, apple halves, cinnamon sticks and orange peels and let it simmer on the hob. You'll soon find your home smells just like Autumn should. 

3 // Hibernate

As the days get shorter and the temperatures fall, I find myself wanting to curl up a lot and get cosy under a blanket. Whilst summer is all about getting out and about and enjoying the weather, Autumn is (in my opinion) designed for staying indoors, snuggling up with loved ones and just relaxing. Don't feel guilty, embrace it. 

4 // Spice Up Your Wardrobe

I've recently started separating my summer clothes from my winter clothes and it's made getting dressed in the morning so much easier. Unless you live in Australia or Hawaii, you're not going to need the clothes again until late Spring anyway, and moving them elsewhere not only gives you more space to fill your wardrobe with the latest Autumn trends, but you'll also find throwing together a cold weather outfit on a dark, gloomy morning is much simpler. 

5 // Dress Up Your Home

Aside from decorating your home for Halloween and Christmas, layering applies the same to interiors as it does to fashion. Autumn calls for being warm, so using soft throws on your bed and sofa means you can stay snug during those extra cold nights, but everything also looks more inviting when it's been given a cosy touch. 

How do you like to embrace Autumn?