For many years I was a one fragrance kind of girl - I liked the idea of having my own signature scent and I avoided having too large a collection. However since blogging, I've come into contact with so many beautiful scents that it's been hard to remain loyal to just one. I have my favourites, the ones I wear most often and those that are probably still associated with 'me', but ultimately when it comes to fragrance I'm fickle and like to try new things.

One thing I am fairly firm on, is that a girl should have day and evening fragrances. Something light and delicate for everyday wear, and something sexy and feminine at night. Here is my round up of my favourite daily wear fragrances.

Hugo Boss - The Scent for Her - £89 per 100ml
Boss women's perfume has a seductive blend of honey-sweet peach, delicate freesia and roasted cocoa beans, with notes of osmanthus blossom. This is a gorgeous light fragrance which combines feminine elegance, warmth and grace and is perfect to wear on any occasion.

Jo Malone - Blackberry & Bay - £86 per 100ml
I have quite the collection of Jo Malone fragrances, but my all time favourite is Blackberry & Bay. It's the perfect fragrance as it's both fresh and fruity but mixed with woody undertones which helps to make it more sensual. It's designed to mix the freshness of just-gathered blackberries with bay and brambly woods and truly smells amazing.

Chloé - Signature Eau de Parfum - £82 per 75ml
I picked up this rollerball sized version of the perfume when I was last in New York and I've been hankering to pick up the full size ever since. It features a bouquet of powdered florals composed of peony, lychee and freesia with notes of rose, magnolia and lily of the valley which make up the heart of the fragrance over an amber and cedar wood base. It's light and delicate but still a sexy scent and is probably the one that makes the transition from day to night best.

What are your favourite every day fragrances?