Whilst I'm generally a bit of an early bird, there are definitely mornings where waking up is a particular struggle for me. As I don't drink coffee and therefore can't force myself awake with caffeine, I like to use an invigorating shower gel to kick start my day. 

& Other Stories Botanic Whisper Body Wash is my go-to shower companion of the moment as it's blend of fresh picked coriander and tangy tangerine warmed by the soothing blossoms of orange flower really help to brighten up even the most bleak of mornings.  Citrus fruits are known for their invigorating scents, and this shower gel is fresh, zesty and exactly what I need to start my day with a bang. 

The & Other Stories Body Wash range comes in a host of delicious scents and can be used to create a rich lather in the shower, or bubbles for the bath. They cost £7 each and can be bought in store or online

What shower gel wakes you up in the morning?