I mentioned a month or two ago that I was on a fitness mission, looking to tone up, lose weight and generally feel better about myself. Whilst the whole exercise part hasn't been as consistent as it probably should have been (moving house is a nightmare), I have been a saint with my eating habits and have consistently lost weight week on week. Whilst seeing myself getting slimmer has been a huge motivation, I do find myself occasionally waivering from the bigger picture, so reading Women's Health* this month has really helped me to inject some fresh new ideas into my regime, and get me back on the fitness wagon.

If you were to ask my friends if I was a likely candidate to be found reading a fitness magazine, the resounding answer would be no. That said, don't knock it until you've tried it - Women's Health was so much more interesting than I though it was going to be. I had terrible preconceived ideas that it would be full of boring nutritional information, weight training tips and things I quite frankly have zero interest in, but it's actually jam packed full of interesting (and funny) features, delicious recipes, celebrity interviews and even fashion & beauty sections to make sure you're skin looks great and your workout wardrobe is bang on trend.

Over the last year or so, I've found myself growing tired of magazines, as I often find them to be full of the same regurgitated gossip. Reading Women's Health was refreshing because I felt like I was actually reading articles of value - things I can put into practice to better my day to day life.

If you're looking to start or strengthen your fitness journey, I'd wholeheartedly recommend trying a copy of Women's Heath. It's the perfect magazine for any woman on the move - taking into account all the demands of the modern working life, providing fitness solutions for any ability or lifestyle (including exercises you can do at your desk!).

Each copy of Women's Health costs £3.80 or you could forget about your gym membership and sign up to the magazine subscription instead to receive it at a discounted price.

What's your favourite source for fitness motivation?