Although I have two and a half months to wait before I head off on my summer holiday to Greece, the hot and humid weather that has been gracing us in June has had me considering my holiday essentials already. I've put together my summer must-haves, and with the exception of my passport - these are all items that will see me through a hopefully hot UK summer before I head off on my travels.

My sunglasses are a recent purchase from Topshop after I left my beloved pair on a flight back from Milan. I know what style I like, and what suits me best - so I just grabbed the closest replacement and am delighted with my choice.

Venus Razor
You're not holiday ready until you're preened to oblivion, so a razor is an essential holiday companion. I favour Venus razors because the blades come protected by a water-activated serum which means your skin is moisturised as you shave - resulting in happy skin.

Body Moisturiser
When you've been lazing in the sun all day, moisturising your skin is essential to keep your tan lasting longer. I love this Body Shop Mojito Body Butter - it's super rich and creamy and feels amazing on the skin, plus it smells like my favourite drink which automatically reminds me of summer time.

Face Moisturiser
Whilst I tend to keep my face out of the sun, being in and out of a pool naturally dries out the skin so it's important to keep your face moisturised. I like to start moisturising from the moment I get on the plane, as the recycled air is so drying. My favourite moisturiser is the Caudalie Moisture Recovery Cream* which is perfect for rehydrating the skin.

Sun Cream
Another summer time essential is sun cream, which is something I religiously apply in the sun. Whilst my skin tone means I don't really burn, I still recognise the damage that the sun can do to my skin so always make sure I look after it. The past few sunny weekends in London have called for sun cream and I've been using the Delph Sun Lotion* which blends into the skin really well and is perfect to protect me from the sun's UV rays.

Nail Polish
When the sun comes out, it's time to reveal your toes after a good few months hiding them away. I think summer calls for bright nail polish, but as a classic girl I tend to stick to red. I've been loving the True Brit Nail Polish* in Royal Guard which is a beautiful coral toned red which I know will look perfect with a tan.

Having been an aerosol user for years, I recently decided to try a cream deodorant and honestly wonder what took me so long to convert. Using a cream deodorant is so much more effective - it really lasts all day, keeping me sweat free and smelling fresh even when travelling on hot, stuffy trains. The Dove Maximum Protection Cream in Pomegranate is my favourite cream deodorant and one I'll definitely be taking with me to the beach.

Exfoliating Gloves
Exfoliating your skin is so important in maintaining your tan, so I like to take some exfoliating gloves away with me on holiday. Before my trip, I'll exfoliate all over so I know any dead skin cells are removed and that my skin is fresh and ready for the sunshine. Exfoliating every couple of days when away will make sure your tan lasts longer - don't worry, you're not rubbing your tan away!

What are your holiday essentials?