We all have days where we feel bad about ourselves, I feel like it's something that's encoded into our DNA as women. It can be brought on by the smallest of triggers but we've all stood in the mirror and not liked what we've seen looking back at us. Having spent the last month working on my own self-image and learning feeling happier within myself, I thought I'd share my top tips for feeling better about myself. 

// Drink More Water // 
Sometimes it's the simplest of things that work and I find glugging lots of water throughout the day always makes me feel better about myself. Not only is it sometimes mind over matter (I feel like I'm being healthy) it does scientifically make me feel better - I'm more hydrated and my skin thanks me for it. 

// Go Outside // 
When you're feeling down in the dumps sometimes a duvet day calls you, but I find that that's actually the worst thing for my mood. Getting out and about always energises me which automatically makes me feel better about things. 

// Pamper Yourself //
I absolutely love a good pamper session - having a long bath, painting my nails and popping on some tan always helps me to feel better about myself because I feel like I've made an effort and it always gives me a new lease of life. 

// Get Organised // 
Sometimes getting organised really helps cheer me up. It sounds like a chore but apart from taking my mind off whatever's bugging me, it's great for mentally clearing my mind out and making me feel better about myself because my life is in order. 

// Call Someone // 
When I'm feeling down, calling someone I love for a chat does wonders. Having a chat gives me the chance to talk through my problems, and having a laugh with someone who knows how to cheer me up is definitely the best medicine. 

What do you do to make yourself feel better?