Having written my blog for over three years, it became clear to me over the last month or so that as much as I loved my old blog design, it didn't really reflect the 'current' me very well. In order to create a space that emulated my style better and kept me motivated to update it regularly, I decided Tea Party With Alice was due a rebrand.

I'll be updating the template a little more over the next month or so, so expect some more changes to come - although the general format will stay the same. I love the new grid layout on the main page - I think it's really visually pleasing and something a little different to what's out there at the moment. For the posts themselves, I've kept the format the same but with larger photos - as I think it's important to be able to read a post easily without having to navigate through overtly complex designs.

I'm feeling really excited to get back to blogging regularly after moving house caused me to lapse a little. I have lots of content lined up over the next few weeks that I'm looking forward to sharing.

 I hope you love the new design as much as I do - I'd love to hear your thoughts!