One of my favourite skincare brands, Caudalie, have recently released a collection of four hydrating moisturisers to suit a variety of skin types. The range is powered by organic grape water which is designed to guarantee a thirst-quenching, moisturising and soothing sensation for the skin.

Moisturising Sorbet*
The Moisturizing Sorbet is the lightest moisturiser of the bunch and is therefore most suitable for those with sensitive skin. It has a gel-cream texture that feels light on the skin and absorbs almost instantly. Despite it's light texture, the Moisturizing Sorbet is incredibly moisturising and immediately packs hydration into the skin.

Moisturizing Mattifying Fluid*
For those with oily skin, the Moisturizing Mattifying Fluid is your new best friend. It's a lightweight fluid with a blotting effect which works to reduce excess sebum instantly, whilst restoring the skin's moisture level. As a result of being more balanced, the moisturiser helps skin to appear matte and velvety in texture.

Moisture Recovery Cream*
This cream is described as a 'cocooning cream' and works to provide those that suffer with dry skin with the plant lipid nutrients required to be nourished and comforted every day. The cream is still lightweight but works beautifully to help restore moisture into the skin.

Moisture Rescue Cream*
This enveloping cream works to nourish deep-down and acts as a lipid-replenshing bandage to immediately restore the skin's comfort, softness and suppleness. It's the thickest moisturiser in the range, and is perfect for those with very dry skin. Whilst my skin isn't particularly dry, when it is feeling a little parched I like to use this as an intensive over night moisturiser - and it works wonders.

These moisturisers smell lovely - the main active ingredient in all being nourishing grape, but they each have a different selection of anti-oxidant and soothing ingredients which help to give them a gentle, but pleasant scent.

If you're looking for a new moisturiser I'd definitely recommend taking your pick from this collection. Caudalie is a gorgeous brand, and one that I fully trust to provide me with excellent skincare, always.

Each moisturiser in the range costs £23 and can be picked up in a Caudalie store, or online.

Which of these moisturisers would you be likely to try?