My boyfriend was in America recently, so I armed him with a long list of things to pick up whilst he was there. I've spoken numerous times before of my obsession for Bath & Body Works, although usually focus my attention on their candles and antibacterial hand gels. After a quick sense-check revealed I had 14 candles and 35 hand gels on back up, I thought it was probably time to try something new.

Having just moved house and with the luxury of my own bathroom, I decided to give some of the Bath & Body Work's shower gels a whirl - settling on Aloha Waterfall Orchid and A Thousand Wishes. The shower gels lather really well and smell incredible, Aloha Waterfall Orchid is a blend of dewy orchid, lush rainwater and Polynesian gardenia which melt into a delicious summer scent that's perfect for holidays. A Thousand Wishes is actually a festive scent, but in my opinion it's not really relatable to a particular season - it's a delicious mix of sparkling champagne, crystal peonies and almond creme which smell beautifully sweet and feminine.

Lastly, I asked him to pick me up a Gentle Foaming Hand Soap in Blushing Tulips & Peonies, partly because I thought it sounded like a nice scent, but predominantly because it's such a pretty bottle. I absolutely love this, it's so foamy and really feels like it cleans your hands well. As for the scent, it's gorgeous - a wonderfully fresh and floral fragrance.

What are your favourite Bath & Body Works products?