When I'm trying to be healthy, one of the things most likely to make me slip up is a lack of inspiration on what to make. We all know that chicken salad is bound to help you drop some weight, but being bored by repetitive meals and feeling restricted is likely to be the first thing to make you reach for the chocolate. As a result, I've started collecting healthy recipe books to help keep me inspired and on the right track. 

Deliciously Ella is a book full of plant-based recipes that includes sumptuous desserts, delicious dips and raw treats. Her philosophy is all about embracing the natural foods our bodies love and creating fresh, simple dishes which are easy to make and taste amazing. This book is great at teaching you that we don't need to pack things with sugar in order for them to taste great, and is a really fabulous book for creating wholesome meals that are incredibly good for you. 

Eat Pretty simplifies buzzwords like biotin and omega-3s and pairs 85 everyday foods with their specific beauty-boosting benefit. It offers a full lifestyle makeover which explores hormonal balance, stress management and mindful living as well as nearly 20 recipes to demonstrate the pairings. It's a great book for helping to encourage an overall lifestyle change and one that I like to keep at hand to pick up and read whenever I need a boost. 

Hungry, Healthy, Happy is a lovely cook book that makes clean eating easy. So often, when people buy healthy cookbooks they usually assume they have to give up the foods they love. This book proves that it isn't the case - and that it's all about making healthy changes that aren't restrictive. This is my favourite book of the bunch as it's not eliminating anything specific out of my diet (not meat and sugar free like Deliciously Ella) but is great for making everyday recipes healthier. 

What are your favourite books for healthy recipes?