For a long time I didn't recognise how much aromatherapy is used to help us address the the ups and downs we all feel in life. Whilst I've used aromatherapy sprays at night before (This Work's Deep Sleep Pillow Spray is a favourite) I'd never really considered using a scent to kick start my day as well.

Whether you need reviving or calming, the Temple Spa Aromatic Mist Duo* is designed to be the perfect remedy. By lightly spraying on your body after a shower or bath, on your pulse points or in the space around you they really work to soothe or revive your day.

Quietude captures the relaxing ambience of a spa and helps to transport you to a place of stillness. It's crafted from a blend of delicious Mediterranean essential oils: cedarwood, cypress, lavender, clove, vetiver, orange, patchouli, frankincense and camomile. I like to use this spray before I get into bed, lightly misting it onto my pillow and wrists to help calm me before a restful sleep. Whilst I don't suffer too much with sleep issues, I really feel this helps to adjust my mind and soothe me, resulting in me falling asleep much faster.

Spiritude on the other hand, is an aromatherapy mist that promotes vitality and alertness. It's a fresh and lively fragrance of mandarin, passion fruit, bergamot, sweet orange, lavender, grapefruit, ginger and peppermint that fuse together to help me feel awake and ready to kick start my day. In the morning I like to spray this just before I get out of bed as breathing it in helps to invigorate me and revive my flagging morning blues.

This is a great little duo that would be the perfect for anybody who struggles to sleep, or start their day in the right way. As it came as part of the Temple Spa Christmas Collection it's unfortunately no longer available as a pair, however Quietude is available in travel size for £7 and Spiritude in full size for £24 meaning you can choose whichever aromatherapy mist best suits you.

Would you use either of these mists to help with your day?