Going to the gym, and getting facials are two things I should definitely do more regularly. Working out my face is a totally new concept for me, however one that really makes sense. Many of us are committed to working out our body muscles, so why aren't we working out the 40+ muscles in our face to ensure they stay in tip top condition?

FaceGym is the UK's only gym studio for the face. Thankfully, unlike toning your body, when it comes to the muscles in your face you can pay someone else to do the work for you. What FaceGym offer isn't a facial (it's a workout) and their face trainers (not facialists) perform a range of lifting and sculpting workouts designed to train the muscles in the face.

I chose a Front Row Face* Workout (#FROW) which conveniently is also the 'supermodel favourite', so as you can imagine I was hopeful of the results. This is a non-invasive workout which ensures a deep clean and peel to remove any dead skin cells. This is then followed by a potent cocktail of power serums (I had Vitamin C, Hyaluronic and Collagen) that combine to plump and hydrate the skin. I also had lympathic drainage and a FaceGym "Face Lift" which is an electrical device designed to sculpt your jaw line, cheeks and brow to ensure you leave glowing.

How did I get on? I loved it. I was convinced that the workout wasn't going to be relaxing but I was wrong - my workout was interspersed between delightful massages which meant I was able to chillout and relax for the entire procedure. Best of all, the results were amazing - my skin was absolutely glowing, so much so that I spent the entire day sans makeup (and I was in central London all day) which is really unheard of for me. My advice would be that after this facial, go straight home or bring some dry shampoo as some of the oils seeped into my hair making it look pretty greasy (thankfully I had a hat!).

FaceGym is situated on the ground floor of Selfridges. The #FROW costs £120 for 50 minutes which although pricey is a workout I'd recommend. They do have a range of cheaper options such as The Hangover Cure for £60 for a 40 minute workout.

Is the FaceGym something you'd consider?