When I Just Love It, a personalised gifting website got in touch to see if I might like to check out their site and pick a few products to review I was excited. I love anything personalised, monogrammed or initialed as I feel it adds a unique and individual feel to an item. With that being said, the items I ended up choosing weren't actually that personalised but as I'm moving in with my boyfriend later this year I couldn't help but choose a few items that I thought would look nice in our home.

First up I chose this LED wall light* in the letter A as I love how stylish and contemporary it is, whilst still maintaining a rustic charm. It looks lovely glowing on my shelves in the evening and is a really nice addition to my flat.

Secondly I chose this charming little vintage butter knife*. Some might think it's an odd pick, but I think a specific knife for the butter is one of life's essentials. I chose the phrase 'Spread Love' on mine, and loved the idea of being able to personalise this with a particular message or name. All the knives are silver plated and vintage so are one off pieces and in my opinion would make lovely little keepsake gifts - particularly for those that like butter!

I Just Love It is a great website for original and unique gifts for friends and family, and with Valentine's Day only around the corner is definitely worth a look for any last minute gifts.

What do you think of the pieces I chose?