When I was in New York earlier this month I nipped into Sephora to have a look around and was immediately drawn to the Hourglass stand. I've lusted after the Ambient Lighting Powder palette for some time, but came to the conclusion that I probably wouldn't use it half as much as I'd envisioned. I decided to pick up a blusher instead as they looked like such wearable shades and I was keen to try something from the brand. 

I chose the shade Radiant Magenta which is a pretty golden fuschsia pink. Unlike traditional blushes which tends to be flat, Ambient Lighting blushers exhibit depth and dimension. They integrate Photoluminescent Technology which results in cheeks with an otherwordly flush. 

Whilst this shade sounds like it'd be particularly bright, it's actually quite delicate. It lasts really well on my skin and I love that it adds a hint of highlight to my cheeks, but nothing over powering - I'm still able to use my usual highlighter afterwards. These blushers are super pigmented so only a very light swirl is needed to apply, and they leave a pretty, soft flush on the cheeks. 

This is hands down one of my favourite blushers, and I'll definitely be growing my collection and checking out some of the other shades. The Ambient Lighting Blushers can be purchased in John Lewis or House of Fraser for £28, or from a host of other retailers. 

What are your favourite Hourglass products?