I've just got back from running wild in the January sales in New York, so felt it was appropriate to share one of my recent purchases. Bath & Body Works is one of my favourite brands ever, and their candles are amazing - the scents are heavenly, they burn really well and the value for money is second to none. As they had their big sale on when I arrived, I actually picked up a lot of Christmas candles because the price was too good to resist (and I fully intend on burning them all year) - however this particular candle was one of their new, full price offerings. 

Baja Cactus Blossom is a delicious blend of cactus flower, fresh white flowers, cactus stems and sun kissed coconut. It sounds like a super summery scent but it's not, it's the perfect scent to burn all year round. 

I say it every time, but it's a great shame that Bath & Body Work's isn't a store we have in the UK - I'd lose my mind if we did. That said, if you are in the US then you need to make sure you visit one of their stores, they have so many lovely products. If you're not going across the pond anytime soon but are still tempted then head over to eBay where you can buy a whole host of scents at a slightly higher, but still reasonable price. 
What is your favourite Bath & Body Work's scent?