Combining two of my favourite things: Christmas and candles makes me very happy. I have a deep rooted love for candles, but Christmas candles are my favourite because lighting them emotes such an exciting feeling. I've been collecting candles for years, so thought I'd share some of my favourite to light at this time of year.

Jo Malone Mimosa & Cardamom
One of Jo Malone's new scent additions in 2015 was Mimosa & Cardamom, and I was delighted to receive this as an early Christmas gift from my housemate. The scent is gorgeous, a festive mix of golden mimosa and spicy cardamom which melt together with creamy tonka and sandalwood to create a delicious, festive scent. It's the perfect scent to light in the evening to settle down to wrap some christmas presents, and will no doubt be a yearly purchase for me from this point on.

Bath & Body Works Winter
Quite possibly my favourite Christmas candle (maybe even my favourite candle ever) is Bath & Body Work's Winter. The scent is heavenly, mixing pine needles, icy mandarin and winter woods to beautifully capture the magic of winter and all the things that make it such a special season.

Lily-Flame: Snow Fall & Ho! Ho! Ho!
New additions to my candle collection come from Lily-Flame in the shape of these two adorable Christmas candles. Snow Fall is a gorgeous scent, not too dissimilar from Bath & Body Works Winter, which captures the icy scents of winter. I did a recent post on Ho! Ho! Ho! which you can read about here - it's a cracker!

What are your favourite festive candle scents?