False nails were a trend I thought I'd left behind many years ago as my nails have been something I've tried to take great care of over the last few years. With that being said, not so long ago I attempted to pick off my shellac polish which left my nails in a right state, something I'm still paying for now. Before the Cosmopolitan Blog Awards, I decided I couldn't attend with my nails as they were, so I popped to Superdrug and picked up a pack of Elegant Touch nails in a pretty pale pink which did the trick perfectly.

After my successful trial with the brand, I was delighted when Elegant Touch got in touch to see if I might like to try some of their Christmas themed nail sets. This Snow Flake* set caught my eye because of it's cute Scandinavian feel and I can't wait to wear it on Christmas Eve to make sure I'm Christmas themed from head to toe.

Elegant Touch are the only false nails I'd wear because they're such a good size and shape. I can't stand overly long nails, so applaud any nail brand that manages to create false nails that look as natural as possible and still incredibly pretty. They last really well, and are also easy to file if you need a shorter shape (as I did for the awards).

I'd definitely recommend this brand, and their nails. They cost £7.95 and are perfect to add something fun to your outfit, or, to hide any last minute nail disasters!