Blogging at this time of year is without question more of a challenge. As I work full time I'm lucky to see daylight hours, which means I have to be organised at the weekend to make sure I can keep on top of my (albeit vague) blog schedule.

My desk is one of my favourite areas in my room, I've written about it before and I get a lot of pleasure from sitting and looking out of the window at the garden below. Whilst I've never lost my motivation to blog, my desk was fast becoming a refuge for beauty products which meant that it felt cluttered and I felt a lot less inspired.

I decided this weekend to reorganise my space so that I could approach blogging with a new lease of life. As I need to take all my photos in the natural light at the weekends, creating an open, fresh space has helped both to physically and mentally declutter my mind. I surround the space with some of my favourite things - which means it's laden with books and candles and is a place I automatically feel comfortable, and inspired.

If you're struggling to find the motivation to blog at this time of year, I'd definitely recommend trying to reorganise your workspace - it's really helped give me a kick into gear.

Where do you like to do your blogging?