Last year, Temple Spa introduced their new Red Carpet range - a miracle collection of four products, each providing fabulous 'photo-finish' results you can see straight away - whether you need a quick fix before a big event or just want to inject some glamour into your every day.

'Look On The Bright Side' Instant Radiance Booster* - £30
Temple Spa Look On The Bright Side is a luscious liquid illuminator and highlighter which gives an instant radiance boost to the skin. It contains a cocktail of brightness boosting ingredients, as well as anti-ageing vitamin B3, pomegranate, red clover and ginger and mint extract which work together to leave the skin glowing. What I love about this product is it can be used in a multitude of ways, either as a highlighter or underneath your foundation to create an 'inner glow'. I prefer to use this underneath my foundation, as I've always been a fan of creating a glowing base and this is the perfect cheat product to make me look energised and radiant.

'Glint' Shadow Concealer* - £25
Glint is a concealer that provides an instant camouflage for dark circles, shadows and fine lines helping to banish the telltale signs of fatigue and tiredness. It contains an advanced formula that's super rich in anti-ageing pomegranate and raspberry oil which help to light up the face. It comes in two shades: light to medium, and medium to dark which I received. Despite being sent a shade too dark for me to be able to use as a concealer, I have been able to use it as a contour to help even out the areas where shadows may occur (around the nose) by lightly painting and blending with the applicator brush.

'The Big Reveal' Glycolic Face Peel* -£40
The Big Reveal is a glycolic gel peel that miraculously lifts away dead skin cells and surface debris to leave the skin smooth, clear and radiant. It has a clever formula which includes naturally exfoliating ingredients and a cocktail of botanicals. I absolutely love this product. To use, I massage it into clean, dry skin and leave to dry for 1 minute before rubbing the skin in circular motions until it peels away. It rolls and threads like a spa professional gommage which is rather fun to use. Lastly, I cleanse the skin with a warm flannel to reveal bright and smooth skin. This product is amazing to use before a special event, but as those are fairly rare in my life I tend to use it as a weekly spa facial treatment as it makes my skin feel heavenly.

I absolutely adore this collection from Temple Spa and would highly recommend you check it out - they are high end products so the prices reflect that, but the quality of them far justifies the cost. The Temple Spa Red Carpet range can be picked up online from Temple Spa or from Harrods or Selfridges.

Have you tried any products from Temple Spa before? What do you use to give yourself a glow?