As the evenings get darker, and Autumn envelops us it's only natural to want to feel a little like hibernating. Autumn is my favourite season as the cold nights provide the perfect excuse to wrap up in blankets with hot drinks and flickering candles in every room.

Quite possibly one of my favourite candles of all time is The White Company's Wild Mint Peppermint & White Tea candle. Wild Mint is a bright and refreshing scent which combines peppermint and spearmint with a touch of white tea. I absolutely love mint fragrances as I find them really uplifting and this candle in particular has an almost addictively delicious scent.

It's impossible not to give a nod to the beautiful ceramic holder that encases the candle. Not only does it provide a lovely soft glow as the candle burns down, but also looks elegant in any room. It will be perfect to reuse as storage when the candle comes to an end.

This is a 3-wick candle that will set you back £60, however there is (thankfully) a smaller version for £28 which compared to the likes of Jo Malone is very reasonable. I'm totally in love with this candle and I'd strongly recommend you having a sniff next time you visit The White Company.

What are your favourite candles for Autumn?