As a candle addict, I was delighted to receive one of fashion florist Robbie Honey's new candles. His collection is made up of four floral scented candles and is inspired by individual white flowers - which were chosen specifically due to their intoxicating fragrance: Tuberose, Jasmine, Casa Blanca and Mugest des Bois. White flowers rely on their perfume rather than their colour to attract pollinators, which means that each of the four candles has a beautifully captivating scent.

I chose the Tuberose* candle to try - namely because it was a flower I wasn't familiar with. Despite it's name, it doesn't bear any relation to the rose and is in fact a night-blooming flower. The creamy petals of the Tuberose exude an intense perfume which is then softened with sandalwood and amber to create a delicious, uniquely scented candle.

Each of the candles in Robbie's collection have a burn time of 60 hours and are housed in effortlessly cool grey coated glass. As a high-fashion florist to the likes of Hermes, Dior and Armani, it was no surprise that Robbie's debut candle collection is incredibly chic. I absolutely love the design of these candles as they would blend into any room and are very on trend.

I adore my Tuberose candle and think that they would make the most lovely gifts. The candles cost £42 each and are available to buy online on Robbie Honey's site.

Do you like the sound of these candles?