Jo Malone is one of my all time favourite brands. For me, their products ooze luxury and sophistication and it always feels like a real treat to receive one of their products. As we edge ever closer to the colder months, I thought now was a prime time to share my Jo Malone collection with you, particularly as candles and hot baths are going to be top of peoples agendas for the forseeable future.

Candles were the first Jo Malone product I tried, and I've been through quite a few since. The quality of these candles is second to none, they have a really strong throw which means that your room will transform into whatever scent you have lit, as well as burning evenly for a long period of time. I go through these candles at quite a fast rate, but the two that have managed to stick around are Pomegranate Noir which is a dark and enigmatic mix of pomegranate, raspberry, plum and pepper and Peony & Blush Suede a softer scent that mixes pretty peonies with red apple, jasmine, rose and gilly flower.

Bath Oil
I've made no secret of my love for a relaxing soak in the bath, and whilst I really enjoy the fun of a Lush bath bomb, sometimes I crave a little luxury. These bath oils are incredible - you only need a cap or two of the oil to transform your bath (and bathroom) into what feels like a spa. The bath oil turns your water milky and leaves skin feeling super soft and hydrated. I currently have Pomegranate Noir and English Pear & Freesia in my collection. English Pear & Freesia is perfect for autumn as it's a scent that entwines ripe pears with white freesias, amber, patchouli and woods.

Room Spray:
Whilst I generally rely on candles to fill my room with pretty scents, sometimes I don't have time to burn a candle properly and so a spritz of my Jo Malone room spray does the job perfectly for me. I've had this room spray for absolutely ages and it's not even close to running out. English Pear & Freesia is such an incredibly fresh, fruity and clean scent that's perfect to spray around your home.

Fragrances are definitely my favourite Jo Malone products to use, as I'm able to smell their fragrance on my skin all day long. Jo Malone fragrances don't come cheap, with a small size (30ml) retailing at £42 and their full size (100ml) for £85, however I do like the fact that they offer different sizes as it gives you the opportunity to try out different scents before settling on a full size bottle.

I currently have two 30ml versions of Pomegranate Noir and Blackberry & Bay (which is an exquisite mix of tart blackberry juice mixed with the freshness of bay and brambly woods), as well as a full size of the Peony & Blush Suede. I absolutely adore all the scents and love taking a moment each morning to decide what my scent of the day is going to be.

If you've never tried Jo Malone before I'd definitely recommend taking a trip to one of the stores and sampling some of the gorgeous scents yourself. They have some travel sized products which are much cheaper and perfect to give the brand a try without forking out too much money to start with.

What are your favorite Jo Malone scents?