As a homeware fiend, I spend a lot of time on Pinterest and Wantfeed lusting over items and imagining what my home might look like when I eventually take the plunge to buy my own place.

As my beloved housemate is moving out at the end of this week, and another friend is coming in to take her place, I've been inspired to give some of the communal areas in my home a little spruce. I'm massively into Danish design at the moment, and whilst the aesthetic of the house isn't necessarily a perfect fit for this, I'm still able to add some subtle touches by way of soft furnishings.

My living room/kitchen is open plan and neutrally decorated - white walls and wooden floorboards. It means theres plenty of opportunity to add some different accessories and furniture to give the room a bit of life. One of the areas I'm most keen to change are the cushions on my sofa. For the past year or so it's all become a bit matchy matchy, so I'd like to experiment with some mis-matched cushions that inject some more colour into the room. I thought I'd share some of the pieces I've got my eye on at the moment. If you'd be keen to see before and after pictures once the space is finished, let me know!

As I mentioned, I'm really keen to inject some life into my sofas, and this selection of cushions from John Lewis are just the sort of thing I'm after. I never realised before how expensive cushions can be - it turns out the price really racks up! That said, I think it's an important part of creating a cosy, welcoming sofa - so I'm prepared to have a little splurge all in the name of comfort. I love the bright colours and unique designs of this range.

One of the things that I dislike about my flat is that storage is limited. There simply aren't enough cupboards to fit the things that need to be stored, so I've been keen to buy a storage chest that can be used as a side table at the same time. I thought this particular blanket box would be perfect as it's a reasonable size and is very clean and bright and will blend into the room nicely.

I'm absolutely crazy about adding green to my flat at the moment. I have cactuses and succulents everywhere but I'd love to get some larger plants to place in the corner of rooms as I think they really help to make a room feel complete. I love this large plant from Ikea and plan to do a trip there soon when my new housemate moves in so we can pick up some bits together.

I already own about 1,000 blankets, but I've fallen head over heels for this beauty from Oliver Bonas. I love the pops of colour against the grey and I'm a real sucker for a chevron print.

On a side note, if you haven't tried out Wantfeed I'd really recommend it. I've been loving their new iPhone app which allows me to like and dislike a variety of fashion, beauty and interior items as ruthlessly as if I was on Tinder. It's a great little disovery app and ideal for killing some time during my commute.

What do you think of my homeware picks?