September this year has well and truly marked the start of Autumn, with crisp days and lots of rain. I've officially transitioned into wearing my winter coat and boots (and thoroughly enjoyed it). September also marked a new advertiser on Tea Party With Alice: the Wooju app. This is a fun app designed to help you make decisions by asking those around you for their opinion. It's great for students or to have fun with friends.

As students, we are a very indecisive lot. There are always decisions to make, and with many new found responsibilities (what do you mean Wi-FI isn't free?!) it is understandable that we sometimes find it hard to make good choices. Now there's an app for that! Introducing Wooju - just snap a pic, ask a yes or no question and send to friend's and/or the rest of the world to help you make a decision. Everyone you send your question to can vote and you get back an easy to use poll showing who said yes and who said no so that you can go on and make a decision. It's as simple as snap, ask, send and solve!

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