For many years I was indifferent when it came to the hairbrush I used - whatever was cheapest would probably be the brush of choice and I never really gave it much more thought. Over the last few years however I've done a complete 180 and am now a bit of a hairbrush snob, I like what I like and I hate to use anything different. 

The first brand that made me recognise the benefits of a good hairbrush was Denman - I always saw them as the front runners in top quality hair brushes. However when the likes of Tangle Teaser and The Wet Brush (my current favourite) came on the scene, my Denman went into retirement. 

With that being said, my old friends Denman got in touch to see if I'd like to try a Tangle Tamer Ultra Brush* - their latest summer product launch which is perfect for detangling long, thick, wet or dry hair, extensions or wigs. 

I've grown quite accustomed to my current hair brush, so initially didn't think I'd like the Tangle Tamer Ultra because it's bristles were much softer than my preferred brush, but I was wrong. The Denman Tangle Tamer has super-soft nylon bristles that come in a variety of length sizes and sit on an air-cushioned pad which means that the brush is able to follow the contour of your head for smooth, damage-free grooming.

This really does glide through the hair so effortlessly and softly that you barely notice you're doing it. I have a lot of hair which is left completely tangle free and I have no concerns about pulling the hair too hard or snapping it when it's wet because the brush is so gentle. It's a little large to carry around with me day to day, but Denman have a smaller version available (Tangle Tamer) which would be great for handbags. 

The Denman Tangle Tamer Ultra Brush costs £12.50 and is available to buy online from Denman

What is your hair brush of choice?