If you love perfume as much as me, then you'll want the scent of your chosen fragrance to last the duration of the day. Sadly for me, living in London means that the smell from a packed tube can soon dilute the fragrance I put on in the morning. If you want to smell less like your morning commute, and a little more like you again - I have just the product!

For a long time, I've taken rollerball perfumes in my handbag. They're super lightweight and absolutely perfect for on the go, the only trouble is that very few brands create perfumes in this form, and those that do are generally only available in the US. When Travalo got in touch with me to see if I'd like to try one of their Classic Atomisers, I immediately agreed - it was the perfect opportunity to take my favourite perfume out with me on a day to day basis.

The Travalo Classic* has become an essential for me. It's shatterproof, leak proof and incredibly easy to use. It holds 5ml of perfume which is more than enough to have with you on the go (officially, it works out as 65 sprays of perfume). As they're so small and lightweight, they fit into even the smallest of bags or pockets so are perfect for carrying around daily. I've had mine with me ever since I got it, filled with my perfume of the moment - Jo Malone's Peony & Blush Suede.

These nifty products come in a choice of 10 colours (gold and pink are my personal favourites). At £12.50 each cost per use is great - I'd definitely recommend picking one up as they'd be perfect for festivals and holidays too. The Travalo Classic is available online at www.travalo.com or from Debenhams.