I'm lucky enough to be travelling a lot in 2015. I've been to Paris and New York, am in Copenhagen this weekend, and Ireland and Paris again later this month. I love travelling and seeing the world, so always get incredibly excited wherever I go, be it for work or pleasure. When I'm not doing long haul trips for extended periods of time, I tend to forgo hold luggage and stick with my carry on - it saves money, and a whole lot of time. With that being said, mastering the art of packing everything into one carry on case is something that I've picked up with a lot of practice, so I thought I'd share the contents of my carry on with you before I head off to Copenhagen on Saturday.

First and foremost, let's talk about my case. I really love the look of matching luggage and as a result, have added the Ted Baker Distinguished Rose cases to my collection in medium and small. These are great little cases, not only are they dreamy to look at, but they're sturdy, easy to pull with four wheels, and have gorgeous rose gold detailing.

I'm not going anywhere if I get forget my passport, so keep it safe in this Ted Baker cover as I find it easier to spot in my bag. For all my travel documents and tickets, I use this hologram wallet from ASOS which helps keep everything together and stops me having a blind panic when I can't find anything.

I'll spare you the details on exactly which clothes I take with me, but when you've only got your carry on it's important to be resourceful and not take up too much space, so I try to pre-plan outfits ahead of time so I know exactly what I'll need.

To keep jewellery, underwear and shoes separate, I use these adorable linen bags from H&M which are also perfect as turning into a laundry bag mid trip. For my travel toiletries, I use this Ted Baker Distinguished Rose Wash Bag (are you seeing a theme yet?) which is the perfect size to carry everything under the 100ml restriction.

As I'm a bad blogger and haven't invested in a camera case yet, I wrap my DSLR in clothes to make sure it's protected, and slot it beside my GHD straighteners, sunglasses and makeup bag so they're easy to reach when I land. I also keep my chargers, headphones and adaptors together so they and don't get tangled or lost.

For on the plane itself, I like to carry a super hydrating moisturiser with me as the plane air is so drying, and my companion of choice is always the Origin's Drink Up Intensive Overnight Moisturiser. I also like to take my Kindle with me to keep me entertained, particularly when it's a short flight and theres no in-flight entertainment, I'm currently reading The Accident by C.L Taylor which I couldn't recommend more. As I often struggle to sleep in new places, I like to take an eye mask with me, not only for the plane but for those pesky hotel curtains that like to let morning light in. I also like to take an antibacterial hand gel with me, because germs freak me out, and I'm constantly using it when on the plane.

What are your carry on essentials?