My handbag is my best friend. I carry it everywhere with me, and it plays host to all the things I need on a daily basis. I'm notorious for carrying a little more than I need, but I thought I'd share some of my essentials with you today. 

EOS Lip Balm - Summer Fruits
I love everything about EOS lip balms, from their quirky packaging to their delicious flavours and hydrating qualities. My only rule though, is not to buy them in the UK as they're wildly over priced here. One of the reasons I love these balms is because you don't need to use your fingers to apply them which makes it that bit more hygienic - always a winner for me. 

Bath & Body Work's Antibacterial Hand Gel
Talking of hygiene, I'm back raving about my ever faithful antibacterial gels from Bath & Body Works. They're super moisturising and smell amazing. If you're ever in the US you need to make it your priority to pick some of these up, they're only $5 for 5 so a complete bargain that will quite possibly change your life. 

EOS Hand Lotion - Berry Blossom
Another EOS product is their hand lotion, which is something I haven't seen in the UK yet and was another impulse purchase when I was in the US. It's a really lovely hand lotion that's paraben-free, and infused with moisturising Shea butter, aloe and antioxidants leaving my hands feel silky soft and hydrated. I think it's a great size for handbags so tend to throw it in wherever I go. 

Burt's Bees Tinted Lip Balm - Pink Blossom
Whilst my EOS lip balm has me covered for general hydration, sometimes I like to add a hint of colour to my lips. For this I turn to my all-time favourite product from Burt's Bees, their tinted lip balm in Pink Blossom. These are quite literally the bees-knees (yes I went there), they have an incredibly soft, buttery texture that glides and melts onto the lips easily, leaving behind a sheer wash of colour that's very natural. 

Elizabeth & James Rollerball - Nirvana Black
Last but not least comes fragrance. I always pick up a rollerball fragrance from Sephora whenever I'm there as they are incredibly convenient to carry around in my hand bag for everyday use. One of my favourites is the Elizabeth & James - Nirvana Black fragrance, which is a delicious blend of violet, sandalwood and vanilla. Don't fear if you're not near a Sephora soon, I know that MAC offer their perfumes in roller ball form, and I'll also be reviewing another product very soon that's perfect for travel. 

What are your hand bag essentials?