This weekend, I hosted a baby shower for one of my closest friends - Mikaela. She'll be having her baby at the end of April and (sadly for me) is moving back to Ireland in a couple of weeks time to start her family. As a result, I wanted to throw her a little party so she could have a day of being spoilt by all her friends before she left. 

Those of us who are friends with Mikaela, would describe her as the most unpregnant, pregnant person there is - physically she has barely changed shape (naturally, I hate her for this) but mentally she's managed to continue on as her normal, fun loving self. Whilst there isn't a shadow of doubt that she'll be the most amazing mother, for now - she's kept her sense of self. As the original Mikaela isn't one for twee baby themes and games, I tried to transform my living room into a tasteful party space for the afternoon. 

 As the baby's sex is a surprise, I chose a neutral mint green and lavender theme. I picked up this gorgeous lace print bunting and these mint green balloons from eBay, and had them filled with helium on the day. For the table, I purchased lavender paper plates and cups and placed everything on top of these pretty vintage style doilies. 

The main event was as is always the case in our friendship group, the food. Our friend Katherine made the most beautiful cake for the day which was the centrepiece of the table, and was so perfect it almost didn't get eaten. I filled the table with the usual party snacks - crisps, dips, sweets, pizza slices etc. 

I also had a stab at making some finger sandwiches, so picked up this darling sandwich stand from eBay. I was so pleased with it as it looked so pretty on the table, and was the perfect home to all the sandwiches - a selection of smoked salmon, ham & cucumber and cheese & tomato.

I also made my infamous Mars Bar Slices (recipe here) to fill these adorable pink and white striped bags for everyone to take home after the day. 

We truly had the best day sharing funny stories, giving presents and eating our body weight ten times over. Hopefully it was the perfect send off for my best friend to go and start her new life, with her soon-to-be new family. I can't wait to watch her as she starts her journey into motherhood.

What do you think of my Baby Shower? Have you ever been to one?