I was recently sent some products from the brand Beefayre which included these gorgeous organic lip balms*. Beefayre are a company that strive to create great quality products that are sustainably sourced and rich in benefits whilst also educating the wider public about the plight of the honeybee. This is known as their 'beethos' - and they donate 3% of their profits to bee conservation and research. 

Beefayre's organic lip balms are made with natural beeswax and Melissa oil. The oil is extracted from fresh flowering tops, leaves and stems of the Melissa plant and is said to have antibacterial and antiviral properties. I was sent the Orange & Lemon flavour which is a fresh citrus scent and Chocolate and Wild Mint which is by far my favourite as it's fantastically nostalgic and immediately takes me back to eating Mint Chocolate Chip ice cream on the beach.

The balms have a hard formulation (much like candle wax) but soften under the warmth of a finger and apply to the lips with a smooth and hydrating sheen. These literally feel like butter on the lips and that's not something I've come across in a lip product in a long time. Whilst the hydrating effect of these balms is definitely not as long lasting as with some other products, I love the sensation so much that I still find myself reaching for them all the time and I'm starting to wonder if I'm addicted. I had some of my colleagues try the lip balms when they first arrived at my office and they all agreed that they felt so smooth and buttery on their lips.

These cost £5 each and there are nine fabulous flavours to choose from. I think these would make lovely gifts as they're really affordable, gorgeous to wear and who wouldn't want to help the friendly bees?

Do you like the sound of Beefayre's products?