I recently stumbled across an Origins store (first time), and knew immediately that the Super Spot Remover was going to be coming home with me. It's something I've wanted to try for ages. 

As if perfectly timed, the 9.5 hour flight back from San Francisco mixed with some hormones wrecked havoc with my skin and I had a few blemishes pop up. Out came my new Origins Super Spot Remover to be put to the test. 

Origins claim that the Salicylic Acid found in this blemish-buster will instantly help speed up the healing process of spots, whilst 'anti-spot technology' will help visibly correct post blemish darkening. As far as post blemish darkening goes, I haven't noticed huge amounts of difference as I've not used it for long enough, but in terms of how this faired on my pesky friends - it did a marvellous job. 

After dabbing a light layer of this gel onto any troublesome areas, I noticed that any angry spots were visibly reduced in size only the next morning, and on the whole were completely gone in 2 days. When I first apply the gel I do notice a bit of tightness and tinging, however once it's dry (which is almost instantly) it feels pretty unnoticeable. 

Whilst I'm constantly looking for skin care products to transform my skin in the long run (let's tackle the root cause here people), it's always handy to have something ready for those little spots that decide to visit at the worst moments. Whilst this costs £14 and is only small, as you only need apply a tiny amount I can see it lasting for ages. I'd completely recommend this to anyone looking for a good spot solution!

Have you tried this Spot remover? What are your top tips for getting rid of spots?