Maybelline Baby Lips crossed the pond and hit the UK shores only a matter of weeks ago, and after all the speculation I wanted to get my hands on them. I picked up 'Pink Punch', 'Cherry Me' and 'Hydrate'. 

Pink Punch and Cherry Me both provide a sheer wash of colour to the lips, whereas Hydrate is clear. Pink Punch is a cool-toned bubblegum pink, and Cherry Me is a lovely pink-red that really boosts my natural lip colour. These are tinted lip balms so aren't heavily pigmented, but they are buildable. The above swatches show just two coats. 

Maybelline promises that Baby Lips offer 8 hour hydration. To be honest, I don't think I've ever found a lip product to provide me with that level of hydration and Baby Lips wasn't any different - I'd say these lasted a few hours before feeling the need to reapply. I didn't feel that they sunk into my lips as much as a Blistex or Carex, but they did provide a nice level of moisturisation that didn't feel too greasy or sticky. It's also worth noting that I haven't been using these for 4 weeks yet, which is when Maybelline promises visible results. My bad Maybelline. 

These are all softly fragranced and taste pleasant. Cherry Me and Pink Punch taste like their respective names (surprisingly), whereas Hydrate tastes lightly of lemon. These are SPF 20 which is also a real bonus, having fried my lips a little earlier this year on holiday, I'm really keen on lip balms containing good protection from the sun. 

For £2.99 each, I'd recommend picking up one to try and keeping it in your handbag. Do I think they're worth the big hype? Not really. I like them, and I'll continue using them - but they're essentially just a tinted lip balm in cute packaging. Not nobel worthy.

What are your thoughts on Maybelline's Baby Lips? 

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