I've mentioned in previous posts, that I'm passionate about finding a bargain. Whilst I love a smattering of luxury in my life (Mulberry, my best friend) there is little I enjoy more than getting myself something for a good price. Nowadays, compromising on price doesn't mean you always have to compromise on quality. Whilst inevitably, a Whistles bag will last longer than a Primark one, there isn't any need to assume that something will break immediately just because it cost less.


One of the nation's favourites for budget clothes, Primark has been brilliant in helping people to buy budget clothes en masse. Since Primark first hit the big time in the UK, both the quality of the clothes (and the price to be fair) have increased. However Primark have managed to follow the latest trends really well, allowing people to bag the fashion trends at a fraction of the price. I particularly love Primark for ballet pumps, underwear and pyjamas. Primark doesn't have much of an online presence yet, but if you're international, they're now being stocked on ASOS (limited range) so you too can benefit!

TK Maxx

TK Maxx is a store that I think people generally either love or hate. I am in the former category, and whilst I can admit that it can be a bit of faff hacking your way through rails and rails of clothes, if you find yourself a gem it's worth it. Their online store is good and if you're not up for a hunt, it's a good route to go. What I've learnt with TK Maxx, is that some stores are great and some aren't. Thankfully I've found one close to where I live that's a good size, and has a good range of products - split by level. I particularly love the homeware (great for candles and storage boxes) and beauty sections (Nails Inc, Elizabeth Arden etc) but have also picked up a few fashion pieces. It can be great for sports wear so I've bought a few exercise bits as well as a gorgeous jumper with lace trim that I've worn countless times. I'm yet to find any in my size, but I know they often stock Hunter Wellies at a cut price, so keep your eyes peeled if you're heading to festivals this year. 


Another obvious one, but eBay is great for those hankering after a bargain. I love nothing more than browsing the website seeing what I can find, as well as the thrill of a bidding war. I've purchased too many items to name over the years - from maxi dresses, to candles and cameras. My top tip with eBay is to search for items 'Ending Soonest' as you're more likely to find things about to finish and therefore more likely to jump on a last minute bargain. Sometimes it's amazing how much cheaper you can get things, but I'd advise being careful not to get too sucked in as it's quite easy to get a bit obsessed. Have a final price you're willing to pay, and stick to it - otherwise you end up paying more than you would normally. 

Charity Shops

One I've mentioned before, but I love looking in charity shops (you can read my charity shop haul post here). I think there is a huge stereotype with charity shops being full of old lady clothes, but this really isn't the case. Whilst the majority of my finds have been homeware related, I did recently find a pair of vintage Raybans with their case, for £25. If you're willing to have a look around you'll be surprised at what you can find - they don't sell anything that's not in good enough condition so it won't all fall apart as soon as you get home. I recently gave a lot of my old clothes to my local charity shop instead of selling them on eBay, as it's nice to put back into the system.

Blog Sales

This is more of a recent find for me, but checking out blog sales is a great way to bag yourself a bargain. Bloggers are often selling high end makeup at a discount that's only been used once or twice, or clothes they no longer wear. I recently bought an adorable red button dress with birds on, and a playsuit from a blogsale for £13, and they were some of my most worn holiday outfits. Only yesterday I managed to get two MAC blushes for £16!


If you're lucky enough to live near a Matalan, then I am jealous. When I lived in East London I lived right near one and the amount of bargains I picked up from there was phenomenal. They have an excellent homeware section that's full to the brim with pretty items - duvet covers, cushions, throws, pictures etc as well as a great fashion section that's particularly good for shoes. They have a good website with lots of their stock on, so all is not lost for me - and I'd definitely recommend checking it out, it's a hugely under rated shop!

What are your favourite thrifty stores?