I've never used a face mist or setting spray before but have heard lots about them. As I browsed a recent Body Shop online sale, I was reminded of my desire to give one a try. I've heard bits and bobs, mostly good, about the Vitamin E Face Mist, so into my basket it went. 

This is a multipurpose product as it can be used both as a moisturising spray pre makeup or to set makeup and help it last longer. The former use is lovely, I spray my face in the morning straight after my shower and just let it sink in, before using my moisturiser as normal. It has a very light soft scent of rosewater which is a great way to start the day as it's so refreshing.

It's alternative use as a setting spray is equally excellent. As I love a dewy look to my skin, I try to stay away from using powders - but with the UK's current heatwave, I need to use one to avoid my makeup sliding off my face as soon as I step through the door. With this, I'm able to set my makeup, with the added bonus of achieving the dewy look I so covet, as the mist settles onto my skin. 

I've also been enjoying using this with my eye makeup. Spraying my eyeshadow brush with this before I use my eyeshadows helps to collect more product, and seems to last longer on my lids. I often suffer from creasing so this has been really helpful. 

It retails at £8.00 for 100ml which is significantly cheaper than a lot of other setting sprays on the market. I really like using this - and if nothing else, in this humid weather it has been a god send to give my face a bit of refreshment when I get off the tube (when I remember to put it in my bag that is). 

What face mists do you recommend?