It's been a while since I've done a lifestyle post, though I'm constantly egging myself on to do more as I enjoy reading them so much. I like the way they give an unobtrusive snapshot into my life.

I wanted to do a post about my weekend away in Brighton with my boyfriend, but sadly a little too much of a competitive streak combined with the pier arcade meant that I gained a bouncy ball, but lost my camera in the process. 


One of the only photos of the entire weekend was salvaged from my boyfriend's phone. We might have the sun in our eyes, but I think it's managed to encapsulate the fun weekend we had perfectly. 

Summer Walks

My house edges onto a lovely common and we like to go for a stroll around the lake at the weekend to feed the ducks (which is strictly prohibited yet everyone does it anyway). It's so pretty and perfect for dog owners which sadly, I am not. 


As above, but pleasingly there have been a few new additions with some tiny ducklings. Too cute for words, but impossible to photograph. 

Grumpy Girl

After our walk around the lake, we sat on the common for a while in the sunshine. My boyfriend took this photograph of me as my hair was blowing in the wind and he thought it looked good, but I've ended up looking really miserable. I was infact super happy, just concentrating on removing a fly from his leg!


This week my work had a company trip to Sandown to have dinner and watch the races. I took it very seriously and managed to come back £50 up which I was very pleased with especially as I was one of few to come home with a profit. 


I managed a bit of cooking this weekend. It's been a while since I've done some baking, and it's reminded me how much I enjoy it so look forward to doing some more. 

Would you like to see more lifestyle posts from me?