I mentioned in a previous post, that I'd visited my favourite store in Hove on a recent trip - and managed to pick up some lovely rose themed items. 

I'm a sucker for a pretty box. I'm not a fan of Muji storage, and prefer to keep my collection in shabby chic foral boxes as I like the mismatched style to it. I thought this box would be perfect for storing my ever growing collection - and as it has a stiff clasp, it was discounted to £10. 

Whilst it's not really candle season in my opinion, I decided to pick this cute 3-wick candle up anyway. I burn candles every living minute in the winter, but I'm yet to burn one since it got a little warmer outside. I'll save this for cooler days later this year, but think this will look great once the candle has burnt out and I can store bracelets or rings in the jar. 

What do you think of my rose themed bargains?