Whilst I'm a big advocate for drugstore mascaras (L'Oreal Voluminous, I'm looking at you), I do like to treat my eyelashes to a little bit of luxury every now and then. 

YSL Shocking is a variation of YSL's original Faux Cils mascara, and whilst it's been out for ages making it an oldie, it's still a goodie. I've had this in my collection for a little while now, and it's the mascara I turn to for an evening out. It's effect is dramatic, with a wand that differs to the original with more of a twisted design. It has bristles that vary in length from long to short on one side, and then the reverse on the other, meaning eyelashes are literally grabbed from every angle and given incredible length. 

For me, this is better for length then it is for volume, but this isn't to say it doesn't provide volume - its forté, is length. 

A notable mention must go to the packaging. When I pay £23.00 for a mascara, I want it to scream luxury at me everytime I use it, and this does just that. I love the gold tube and embossed logo, very elegant. 

Have you tried this mascara?