I really hate to be one to jump on band wagons, but when it comes to the pursuit of happiness aka perfect skin, I'm quite happy to be the sheep and not the shepherd. When I saw a few reviews pop up for a brand called Skinetica, I was intrigued. I was even more so when I saw they were offering free samples (with a £1 P&P cost) on their website and decided to jump aboard and give it a go - it couldn't hurt after all. 

Skinetica (previously known as Acnigon) is an anti-blemish solution that promises to tackle and clear breakouts fast, with noticeable results in 2-3 days. As I've recently learnt that I suffer from sensitive skin (thanks Effaclar Duo), the fact that Skinetica contains no harsh chemicals was a big hit for me.

My sample size bottle arrived quickly, and lasted me about 5 days - which I think is fair. It's not the prettiest of bottles, very medicinal looking and one to hide at the back of the vanity, but it serves a purpose and frankly who cares. 

The consistency of Skinetica is like a toner - a clear liquid that I pour onto a cotton pad and swipe over my face after cleansing, followed by my moisturiser. Although instructions say to use this on affected areas, it works best for me when applied like a toner.

I didn't have any breakouts at the time of using my Skinetica sample bottle so I couldn't see how well it cleared up spots, but in the 5 days I used it I did notice a visible improvement in my skin tone, with redness and scarring reduced. When my bottle finished, I was so pleased with my skin that I purchased a full size bottle from the website (£9.99) and I have since noticed that any spots I have had have gone quickly and I haven't suffered from my usual hormonal breakouts. 

I can safely say that Skinetica is the most effective skin treatment I've ever used and will be a staple in my cleansing routine from now on. It's absolutely ideal for those like me that have sensitive skin and can't use products with strong chemicals in them. I'd definitely recommend being a sheep on this one. 

What are your skin saviours?

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