I've recently started staying at my boyfriend's house more. He lives a 40 minute drive away in Kent, and generally stays at mine but more recently I've found it makes a nice change to occasionally stay at his too. Unfortunately, all my lotions and potions don't magically follow me there - which means I have to take things with me. Whilst I don't want to appear like I'm moving in, leaving a few essentials behind is great for two reasons; 1) I don't have to pack such a big bag each time and 2) it allows for spontaneous visits. I bought this beautiful Liebeskind wash bag to fit the bill with a gift voucher* from Zalando. 

It's just the right size to fit my toothbrush, a mini deodrant, dry shampoo and moisturiser which can be popped into the back of his wardrobe without imposing too much. It's made of soft leather in a beautiful pistachio green, which in some ways - makes me not want to leave it behind in a boy's room (wah!) but, needs must. 

In terms of Zalando - I'd heard of them but not used them before, and found their service to be really good, although they need to be more economical on their parcel sizes when posting - this came in an unnecessarily large box. They have a huge variety of brands in stock offering a range of clothing, shoes, homeware and fitness stuff for both males and females. Certainly worth a peek.